forum Vladivostok
With the support
of the Federal Agency for Tourism

17-20 May 2018

About Forum

Anniversary XX Pacific International Tourism Expo 2016 took place at 20-22 of May at the Russkiy Island, Vladivostok (campus S FEFU) in the framework of the II Pacific Tourist Forum, organized with the support of the Federal Agency for Tourism and the Ministry of Culture. This milestone event for Primorsky Territory’s and Vladivostok’s life represented contemporary trends and latest offers in the incoming and domestic tourism as well as in the international tourism and public events’ organization more fully.
The Chamber of the Commerce operated XX Pacific International Tourist Expo (PITE) and the Far Eastern festival «Day of the Traveler».
The expo collected the latest offers from Asia-Pacific Region’s representatives, tour administrations, tour operators and tourist agencies. The «Eastern Ring of Russia»- cross-border project of the North-Eastern Asia’s integrated tourist space, formed by 34 expo’s participants from 12 Far East’s subdivisions held a specific place in it. Expo’s participants represented the versions of tour programs to Yakutia, Kamchatka, and Sakhalin with the beginning of the routes in Primorye. According to experts, «Eastern Ring of Russia» project can provide competition to «Golden Ring » and «Siberian necklace».
Representatives of the Republic of Crimea participated in the Exhibition for the first time this year.
One hundred seventy seven Russian and foreign companies took part in the PITE 2016. More than 43 thousand men visited exhibition and «Day of the traveler» far eastern festival held at the FEFU’s embankment.
«Day of the traveler» festival was held at several FEFU’s platforms such as landscape park area, adjacent waters, and FEFU’s embankment at once. Restaurant Street, represented by national cuisines (the attendance only one of the Gaming Area «Tigre de Cristal»’s restaurant was five thousand men for 3 days), mobile interactive playgrounds such as «Primorye artisan» «Primorye multinational» «Primorye historic» were built in the framework of the festival. PITE 2016’s visitors and participants responded to eventful concert programme, historic reenactments, exhibition fair of arts and crafts, marine excursions, rowing regatta, and sea Ball «Nadezhda» positively.
Russian hotels’, hotel facilities’, out of town recreational parks’ offers aroused heightened interest among visitors. Actual tendency is formed due to the influence of the overall situation in the country and the world and in no small part due to the domestic companies’ goods and services notable improvement. The demand for tour to Asia is persistent. Exhibition’s visitors and participants marked the exhibition organizers’ and operator’s work very high.
The next Pacific International Tourist Expo takes place at May 2017.